Making Homemade Baby Food

Making Homemade Baby Food The next time you stroll down the baby food aisle, gaze for a moment at the meticulously stacked jars of baby … Continue Reading

How to Know if Your Baby has Colic What is Colic? In most cases, approximately one out of five infants between two to four months develop inconsolable crying habits. The babies appear to be crying as a result of abdominal pain they experience. When crying, colicky babies swallow air which results in gas building up … Continue Reading

How to Identify and Avoid Baby Food Allergies Many parents find the risk of baby food allergies one of the most distressing aspects of introducing new foods to their baby. There are simple steps you can take to reduce potential complications and make your baby’s introduction to solid food a safe and joyful one. Baby … Continue Reading

Essential Supplies for New Baby As every parent has surely discovered, you are never quite prepared for the arrival of your new baby.  No matter how much time and effort you might put into preparing yourselves and your home for your new arrival, there are always a few things that tend to get overlooked.  This … Continue Reading

Decorating Nursery Walls Planning a baby nursery can be a big job but the decorating aspect of it can be quite fun. There are many great ways that you can accent your baby nursery walls to give the room a personality as unique as your new baby.  Remember to keep safety in mind when decorating … Continue Reading

Introducing Your Baby to Solid Foods Introducing your baby to solid foods is exciting and rewarding – but it can be difficult to know exactly how and when to get started.   When to start? Your baby should be four months of age at the very least – before this, his immature digestive system will … Continue Reading

Educational Games for Babies 6 to 12 Months By six months of age your baby may be sitting unassisted, coordination skills are growing in leaps and bounds, and he/she will soon be crawling, standing, and then walking.  Six to twelve months is a fun time for parents and babies.  Play a variety of games with … Continue Reading