Planning Your Dream Nursery

Planning Your Dream Nursery

Planning a baby nursery is a major task. There is furniture to choose, walls to paint, safety to take into consideration. Probably the most exciting part of planning your baby nursery though, will be choosing your nursery’s theme.

The theme you choose will set the tone for the entire room so it should be one of the main choices that you make when you begin the nursery planning process.


Choosing Colors and Themes for the Nursery

This should be your first consideration when decorating a baby nursery. Pale yellows, lilacs, or cream colors are a good foundation and will be suitable for both boys and girls, infants and toddlers.

A pink princess themed nursery won’t work so well if your next child is a boy.  Likewise, a girl will seem out of place in a nursery decorated with spiderman.

If you are determined to go with pinks and blues, you can make the look more flexible by keeping the colors pale, and then adding accent colors in bright primary colors.

There are an almost endless supply of themes available for a baby’s room.  You could choose to go with something gender specific, a girl themed room for a girl and a boy themed room for a boy, or you may want to consider choosing a gender neutral theme if you plan to have more children.  This will save you the trouble of possibly having to remodel the nursery when the next baby comes along.

If you want to plan a nursery that will stimulate your baby as they grow, consider bright primary colors and geometric shapes and patterns.  Red, blue, and yellow have been found to be the colors that help stimulate young infants.

Bedding and wall décor with geometric shapes and patterns will also do this especially if the shapes and patterns are large.  This will make it easier for the baby to see since it takes many months for an infant’s vision to completely develop.

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Use your baby linens to change the look of the room when decorating a baby nursery. Sew or buy a number of washable duvets so you can change them often and wash them easily. Stock up on some plain white fitted crib sheets for those times when you know you’ll be tossing them out. It’s better than throwing away a beautiful patterned sheet that matches a number of elements in the nursery.

Whatever theme you decide on for your nursery, be prepared to live with it for a few years.  Most babies are not ready for a toddler room until they are two to three years old.

If you want to save money, choose a theme that will grow with them into their toddler room.

You can find a large assortment of stick-on borders that are easy to remove and change as your baby grows. Look at borders with blues, yellows, lavender, and sage or grass greens. Then pick up the border colors in your baby linens, lamps, curtains, mobiles, and dressers.

You can paint an existing dresser in one of the border colors, and then easily repaint it when your child decides he or she has a favorite color. You can also decorate dresses with stickers or hand paint designs on the wood.

Since toddler beds take the same size mattress and bedding as a crib, you could continue to use the theme and bedding you choose in a toddler room if you wanted to.


Nursery Furniture Basics

1. A Sturdy Rocking Chair

If you are decorating a baby nursery, you absolutely must include a rocking chair. You will find this item to be a sanity saver as your baby finally falls asleep in your arms.

Rocking chair is generally placed next to the bassinet or crib and is for one of the parents to spend time rocking their child back and forth, either to relax them or to help them fall asleep. And you may even drift off yourself if the rocker is sufficiently comfy.

This is an essential piece of baby furniture and must be well constructed in order to avoid any mishaps. If the chair is assembled upon purchase, double check it’s stability prior to use.

Either make or buy soft, deep seat cushions and pillows for your back in one of the colors on the walls’ border. Try a print fabric with an accent color for the seat cushion, and blue or lavender solid fabrics for the back rest pillows.

Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman
Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman

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2. A High Quality Crib

In decorating a baby nursery, the most crucial element is the crib. Do not cut corners in terms of your budget on this piece. The crib must be of the best quality you can afford and certifiably safe for infants.

A bassinet is very small and is designed for babies, while a crib is designed for babies and toddlers. The main concern with a crib is that some children may find themselves wedged in between the bars, so pay close attention to the spacing if selecting a crib with your new baby furniture.

Cribs come in a multitude of styles, colors, and materials. Remember that you don’t have to match the rest of your furniture to your crib. You can still have a clean white crib with a pale pine or oak dresser. Mix up plastics and woods, patterns and solid to design the most flexible plan for decorating a baby nursery.


Graco Harbor Lights Convertible Crib
Graco Harbor Lights Convertible Crib

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3. Changing Table

Another important piece of baby furniture is a changing table. This is commonly used for changing diapers, cleaning up after the baby and even dressing the child. It is important to keep the baby’s clothes in one of the changing table’s compartments or right next to the unit in a drawer. The reason that this is so important is so that your hand never leaves the child while on the table, so all clothes must be within reach so that you can safely reach for them while holding onto the child.


Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table
Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table

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When selecting baby furniture, it is important to consider quality above all else. This is the furniture that stands between your child and the floor, so make sure that it is sturdy and secure. In addition, pay close attention to recalls on any baby furniture or accessories. From time to time, certain types of baby furniture may be involved in a recall by the manufacturer. If this is the case, the manufacturer typically offers to either provide a repair, replacement or refund for the baby furniture in question.


These are the fundamentals to get you started on decorating a baby nursery. After you have your color scheme and basic furnishings, you can move on to the fun, incredibly cute design elements available for decorating baby nurseries.


No matter what theme you decide on, remember to have fun while taking on the whole nursery planning process.  This is a joyous time in your life that you will always be able to look back on fondly.

Planning Your Dream Nursery